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Important update: Netcare Education Nursing Intakes for 2016

Netcare Education would like to keep you updated with the progress in terms of programme commencement and accreditation of the new nursing qualification programmes. In order to reach all our prospective students we will be sending out communication updates on a regular basis to ensure that you are informed of the progress made regarding the process until we have clarity on the date of the next available intake.

Please download and read the letter regarding Netcare Education Nursing intakes for 2016

For more information, contact one of the five Netcare Education campuses listed below:

  • Netcare Education Gauteng South West campus: +27 11 628 7600
  • Netcare Education Gauteng North East campus: +27 12 644 4900
  • Netcare Education Western Cape campus: +27 21 949 5271
  • Netcare Education Eastern Cape campus: +27 41 363 2138
  • Netcare Education KwaZulu-Natal campus: +27 31 581 8200

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If you are looking for a dynamic, exciting and fast-paced working environment in a career where you can make a difference in people’s lives, then nursing may be a career for you. Netcare Education is dedicated to developing the clinical knowledge and skills of nursing and healthcare-related professionals.

In partnership with the Open Learning Group (OLG), Netcare Education launched the Netcare Education Designate Programme (NEDP), an academic development programme that prepares you for the professional world of nursing. The NEDP and the pre-selection assessment are designed to equip you for the demands of the formal and accredited nursing education programmes offered at Higher Education level.

Completing the NEDP will allow you access oaccredited Netcare Education Nursing programmes and begin your nursing career.



About the NEDP

We will equip you with the required preparatory academic and personal skills for a professional nursing career.

The NEDP is an academic development programme designed to equip students with the necessary academic, personal and social skills required to enter a Netcare Nursing Programme.

Who should enrol?

You should enrol if you can care and show compassion for people and are considering nursing as a career. The NEDP will equip you with skills required to enter a Netcare Education Nursing Programme.

Read more about a career in nursing.

Content and Duration

The NEDP is offered over eight months on a part-time basis which students attend on weekends.

Programme modules

  • Fundamental English for Academic Purposes
  • Business Communication
  • Numeracy for Higher Education Studies
  • Computer and Digital Literacy
  • Academic and Student development
  • Human Body Orientation

Vital elements that are incorporated from the nursing environment:

  • The Netcare Way
  • Ethos and professional practice
  • Etiquette

How the programme is delivered

The programme is facilitated using e-learning content, contact sessions (which you can attend at your nearest Netcare campus) and paper-based resources such as textbooks.

More Value

In order to ensure that you have access to the e-learning platform that hosts your study material, you will receive a tablet computer which will become your personal property once you are successfully enrolled. You will also receive expert training by industry specialists and unique insight into your elected choice of the nursing profession. 

Application form for the NEDP

Download the leaflet

About the pre-selection assessment

About the pre-selection assessment

In order for you to be accepted into one of the Netcare Education Programmes, you will first need to successfully complete a written and oral assessment. This is called a pre-selection assessment.

Both the pre-selection process and the NEDP are designed to equip you for the demands of the formal and accredited nursing education programmes offered at Higher Education level.

Follow the steps below to start your nursing career with Netcare Education:

Complete the Assessment 

  • Fill in your application form and submit it to the Open Learning Group (OLG).
  • Send the following documents together with your application:

         1. Grade 12 certificate

         2. Certified copy of your identity document

         3. A4 photocopy of the proof of payment

  • We will contact you to book your assessment after receiving your application and all the relevant documents.
  • We will then send you an SMS with information on the date, venue and time of your assessment.
  • Write your assessment on the date booked.
  • Bring a pen and a calculator to the assessment.
  • Your results will be available after 6 weeks and we will send you an SMS to inform you.

What the pre-assessment means

  • Results of 80% or above in all four sections of the assessment qualifies you for direct admission to the entry level formal and accredited Netcare Education Nursing Programmes with the next intake subject to campus capacity.
  • Results of 50% to 79% for any or all of the assessment sections qualifies you for direct admission to the Netcare Education Designate Programme (NEDP).

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