Netcare Education: NEDP Programme

Netcare Education is a valued partner of OLG.  In partnership with OLG, Netcare Education launched the Netcare Education Designate Programme (NEDP) which prepares an individual for the professional world of nursing.  

Successful completion of the NEDP is required for access to accredited Netcare Education Nursing programmes.


Purpose of the programme

The purpose of the programme is to widen academic, personal and social skills required for success in higher education studies.

Who should enroll?

People who have a passion for people and who can care and show compassion towards people.

Content and Duration

Programme modules

  • Fundamental English for Academic Purposes
  • Business Communication
  • Numeracy
  • Computer and Digital Literacy
  • Academic and Student development
  • Human Body Sciences


The programme is facilitated utilising e-learning content, contact sessions and paper-based resources such as text books.

Added value

A tablet computer which will become the student’s personal property is available upon successful enrolment.  The tablet is provided to ensure access to the e-learning platform hosting your study material.  The student will also receive expert training and unique insight into your elected choice of the nursing profession.

Netcare Assessment

In order for you to be considered for acceptance into the Netcare Education Programme, you will need to undergo a written and oral assessment.

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Nursing - The career option for you

By Toy Vermaak, Netcare Education Manager, Faculty of Nursing and Ancillary Healthcare

Are you caring, compassionate and looking for an exciting and extremely rewarding career that offers an opportunity to develop and grow your knowledge and skills?  Then nursing could be the career for you.

The healthcare industry in South Africa offers a wide range of opportunities for qualified nurses. Nursing blends medical science with the art of caring. Like all sciences it requires not only an in-depth knowledge of the subject and mastery of specific skills, but also an understanding that goes beyond the patient’s physical and biological needs and touches on their psychosocial and cultural needs as well.

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