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FET colleges provide more options for matrics

As thousands of students are being denied access to overcrowded universities, FET colleges are coming to the forefront and offering matriculants an alternative to the university degree. Minister Blade Nzimande, recently announced that FET colleges provided 23 000 Engineering and Business Studies opportunities, 44 000 National Certificate Vocational programme opportunities, 10 000 Artisanal opportunities and 93 000 Occupationally-directed (apprenticeship or learnership) opportunities in collaboration with SETAs and employers.

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Introducing the OLG Solutions Division

The Open Learning Group (OLG) aims to give clients value through innovative and customisable solutions in the education and training sector. We customise our solutions according to the client’s needs. Steering committees create a platform for client and stakeholder feedback where processes are monitored and guided, and solutions are found for identified challenges.

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Linda Ingram
Director Global Education Solutions


Dr Thys Herbst

Director of Strategic Relations